Ismailia Foods has top of the line coldstore facilities that are at the core of our business operations. Overall, we have 12 chambers with a combined storage capacity of 8,600 metric tons. Different products are separated in different chambers, and conditions are set according to each product’s specific needs.

The chambers are monitored around the clock by highly trained specialists to ensure that every product is properly maintained at optimal conditions. Our facilities are equipped with a 120 meter refrigerated passage to maintain the temperature of all products during the handling prices. Moreover, we have 4 loading docks to facilitate the goods handling process while loading and unloading.

The chambers are fitted with a refrigeration system (PLC) from GRADE, complimented with SCADA system to follow up and control each room’s temperature at all times.

Fruits & Vegetables Processing

We provide frozen fruit and vegetable processing and packaging for third party customers; where we offer our services to businesses or customers wishing to process and freeze fruit or vegetable products. We have two separate lines for fruits and vegetables; and two further separate lines for vegetables alone.