About us

Our facilities are equipped with top of the line machinery and equipment that help facilitate all the services we offer to other businesses. We have a total coldstore capacity of 8,600 metric tons, along with 4 BLAST freezing tunnels, and an IQF freezer – matched with multiple lines of fruit and vegetable processing equipment which give us the capability to handle, process and freeze large quantities of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
  • Frozen Fruits & Vegetables Processing
  • IQF Freezing
  • Coldstores

Our Partners

is the result of the merge between Gannet AlReda and Ismailia Foods. Gannet Al Reda has managed and owned over 5,000 acres of land for years, has been exporting its products to Europe and the Middle East and is the main supplier for Farm Frites, Savola group, Danone and Olam.